Serlachius museum, tillbyggnad

Competition proposal 2011

Mäntta, Finland

The proposed extension is located as a wing building to the westof the Joenniemi Manor. This maintains the original way of approaching the museum and keeps as much as possible of the park and garden untouched. The building is thought of as a link between the manor house and its striking surroundings. By elaborating the theme of terraces and arcades a pavilion-like “garden”building is created, where new and shifting spaces are defined in between outside and inside. By organizing the building with identifiable volumes the extension works on a smaller scale than the manor house, revealing different elevations depending on the viewpoint. In the interior the different rooms and functions of the building faces different directions, exterior spaces and views, creating shifting relations to the surrounding garden, park and nature. The exhibition rooms face mainly inwards thus being a balancing factor in this spatial composition. Where the new and old buildings meet an intimate shaded forecourt is formed leading into the new entrance foyer. The foyer connects with the restaurant to the garden side allowing for entrance to the building both from the front side and from the garden. The foyer is the heart of the building, connecting its functions and giving neutral access to the different parts. The manor house and the extension are joined by a generous connection on two floors. This allows a clear visitor route to be arranged through existing and new exhibition galleries. The material concept of the building is developed from the idea of the pavilion-like building, and in relation to the clear expression of the brick facades of the manor house. The terraces and floors of the extension are sandblasted and polished light grey concrete forming a base for the light structure with glue laminated columns and panels of natural colored varnished wood.


Location: Mäntta, Finland

serlachius museumserlachius museumserlachius museumserlachius museum